Capt.Louis de La Porte, sieur de Louvigny:
Louis was born in 1652 to Jacques-Jean de La Porte dit Saint George(abt.1626-1702)(son of Jacques dit St.George Laporte & Marie Hamelin-married Jun.1626) & Nicole DuChesne(abt.1636-?) in 1652 & married Marie Nolan in Quebec on 26 oct.1684. Siblings were Paul(b.abt.1659, m.abt.1683 to Marguerite Matou); Antoine(b.abt.1660); Georges(b.abt.1662, m. to Madeleine Guertin); Catherine(b.abt.1658, m.abt.1675 to Philibert dit Rocquebrune Couillaud); Jacques(b.1666, m.1687 to Madeleine Paviot); & Suzanne(b.?).
In late summer of 1690 he arrived at Michilimackinac as it's commander replacing LaDurantaye, remaining there til he resigned in the fall of 1694 and was replace by Cadillac. Marie (his wife) in June of 1694 hired at Montreal Louis Dupuis dit Parisien & Jean Seguin to go to the Michilimackinac/Sault Ste.Marie area (whether for traveling west herself or to send her husband supplies is open to speculation). In 1699 he was in the east as commander of Ft.Frontenac (Kingston, Ontario), but by 1703 he was implicated in illegal activities. Louis Philippe de Rigault, Marquis de Vaudreuil writes of him in his report of 8 nov.1711: "The Sr. de Louvigny, My Lord, has not gone up to Michilimakina; I have had too much need of him here and he is too good a
man for me to have dispensed with at a time when I learnt from so many different sources that I was to be attacked. This
summer I sent him up to Montreal while the tribes that had come down from the upper countries were there; they were really
glad to see him, and were truly pleased when I told them that it was His Majesty's intention to give him to them as a
Commandant."  [Consoidated Docket] [Consoidated Docket] [Consoidated Docket] [Consoidated Docket] .  In 1712 Louis is back at Michilimackinac as it's commander and on 14 mar.1716 left Quebec on a punitive campaign [CAMPAIGN] against the Fox, with a force of 800. A battle took place about 37 miles above Green Bay and Louis arrived back in Quebec by 12 oct. of the same year. The next year he was back in the west establishing Fort St.Francois at Green Bay. Louis was at one time Governor of Trois-Rivieres & Major-Aide for the Kings troops. Louis died in on 27 aug.1725, shipwrecked near Louisburg.