LaFreniere / Freniere / Frenier / Lafresniere
     Associated  names that may accompany this surname are: Desrosiers, Piette/Piete, Chauvin, Donay/Daunet, Delonai, Trempe, Venire & Hertel.

Charles-Jacques Freniere (Lafreniere):
     He married a Sisseton (daughter of Tokokotipexni or "He Who Fears Nothing").  His children were Francois (d.bef.1851), Narcisse & Louison. Charles was a trader on the Riviere St.Pierre (Minnesota River) in the 1780's. May have been related to Antoine Piette dit Freniere who was indebt to Pierre Peltier d'Antaya in 1754 but absent from his wife (Therese Mandeville)  "dans les Pays d'en Haut".

Narcisse Freniere (Cekpa):
     He married 1st. to Winona Crawford (b.1808), 2nd. to an Elm River Yanktonai woman & 3rd to another Yanktonai woman. His children were Susan (m. Joseph R.Brown at Lac Traverse in 1835), Daniel Antoine (Sataka), Antoine, a daughter (m.Francois Chardon), Thomas, Narcisse (b.abt.1841 MN) & Francois (b.abt.1839 MN.). In 1816 he was at Prairie du Chien, employed by James Aird. In 1819 he was employed by Graham & Renville as an interpreter at Lac Traverse. From 1824 to 1827 he worked for the American Fur Co. but by 1836 he ( with brothers Francois & Louis) was an independent  sub-outfit of the American Fur Co's. Western out-fit, trading at the mouth of the Cheyenne River. Narcisse died while on a journey to the Missouri River.

Francois Freniere: (died before 1851)
     He married a Sisseton woman and his children were: Xavier (Pejiskaya) (b.abt.1809), Norris (b.abt.1816), Rosalia (m. John Mooers) & Louis (abt.1812-1839). A long time trader, he had a store near Lac Traverse and was visited by Father Ravoux in the fall of 1842.
Xavier (Exevier) Freneire (Pejiskaya): (b.abt.1809/13)
     He was the son of Francois Freniere and a Medwakaton and/or Sisseton woman. Xavier married a Sisseton woman and their children were: Joseph (b.abt.1832/36), Augustin (b.abt.1835/39), Xavier (b.abt.1835/39), Josephine (b.abt.1842/46) & Baptiste (b.abt.1850/54).

Antoine LaFreniere: (abt.1780-1863)
     He married Marguerite Houle and their children were: Antoine (1810-1874)(m.Ursule Morin), Isabelle (b.abt.1815)(m.Francois Roy), Marguerite (b.abt.1823)(m.Antoine Flamand), Jean Bte. (1828-1897)(m.Ursule St.Germain) & Francois (1834-1860)(m.Isabelle St.Germain). This family of LaFreniere's was associated with the St.Francois Xavier parish of the Selkirk Settlement.

Antoine LaFreniere:
     He married Madeleine St.Onge and they had sons Antoine Jr. & Oliver.  This Antoine Sr. was at the capture of the American fort at Mackinac, when it was captured during the War of 1812. He remained loyal to the English after the war & moved to the British fort at Drummond Is.and later (1828) at Penetanguishene. Oliver married a widow (Madeleine Lacombe) and moved to Manitoba.