Olivier Morel, sieur de La Durantaye: (1640-1716)
     Olivier was the son of Thomas Morel & Alliette du Houssaye, born in Bretagne, France. He married Francoise (daughter of Denis Duquet & Catherine Gautier), the widow of Jean Madry, at Qubec in 1670. Their children were Louis-Joseph (b.1671)(m.1st.Elisabeth Rasne & 2nd Elisabeth Picaret), Francoise-Genevieve (b.1672)(m.Louis de Cadaran, sieur de Bonneville in 1687), Philippe-Olivier (sieur du Houssay)(1675-1703)(m.Marie-Suzanne Guyon), Charles-Alexander (sieur de La Chaussee)(b.1681)(m.1st.Charlotte Moussion & 2nd.Marie Couillard) & Francois (sieur de Boisbrillant & du Houssay)(1685-1722)(m.Marie Thibierge).
     Olivier arrived in New France a newly commission captain in the Regt.of Campelle, attached to the Carignan-Salieres Regt. In 1683 La Durantaye & 30 French soldiers arrive in the west to garrison St.Ignace. As La Durantaye mission in the west evolves, the eastern edge of "Middle America" is suffering from the effects of  expanding  Iroquois territory & fleeing tribes to the west; increasing English population & influence in the east (William Penn's new colony of Philadelphia had 80 houses & New York traders offer better exchange rate & higher quality goods); recovering western tribes from European epidemics; expanding fur trade in the Illinois country by Robert Cavelier de la Salle; trading practices of predominant traders west of Lake Michigan like Nicolas Perrot, Daniel de Greysolon, sieur du Luth & Pierre-Charles Le Sueur; and shifting alliances of the western tribes (Dakota & Ojibwe have a strong alliance against the Fox and the Fox & Iroquois alliance against the Illinois). In 1684, as commander of Michilimackinac (and a rival of  la Salle in the fur trade), is at Fort.St.Louis with 60 soldiers to assist the commander in a pending Iroquois attack and later that same year gathers a force of western tribes for La Barre's failed attempt to invade Iroquois country, Again in 1687 he is assisting in another invasion of Iroquois country with Denonville's more successful campaign against that tribe. Earlier that year La Durantaye & Tonty had joined forces in capturing more than 30 English traders attempting to establish trading ties to the Ottawa, the English are jailed & their French guides are executed. By 1689 New France was experiencing epidemics & attacks by the Iroquois and France was at war with the English as William of Orange takes control of the English throne. Nicolas Perrot declares for France the lands to the west of Green Bay and Olivier was still at Fort Michilimackinac writing to the new Governor of New France, Frontenac, that the western tribes were worried that the French would make an alliance with the Iroquois. Frontenac answered his concerns by sending Capt.Louis de Louvigny to replace LaDurantaye as commander and gathered the western tribes with the help of Nicolas Perrot at Michilimackinac to here his words in council through Louvigny.