Charles Houle (b.1794-98 at the Red River Settlement) His father (first name unknown) was born in Lower Canada in 1769 & his mother was Elise born in 1774. Charles first married Magdeleine Breland  than later married Catherine Falardeau about 1820 in the Red River Settlement. Their children were: Isabelle (b.1822), Angelique (b.20 oct.1825), Charles Jr. (b.1828-32), Helen (b.abt.1836), Antoine (b.abt.1838), Louis (b.abt.1839), Catherine (b.abt.1842), Laphilla (b.abt.1844) & Gabriel (b.abt.1845).

Antoine Houle (b.1787 - d.20 mar.1867 Manitoba) married first to Josephte Louzon (b.1787-89) and later to J.Chartrand (b.1790 RRS). His children were: Francois (b.1805), Wm., Jean Bte., Francoise (b.abt.1811), Antoine Jr. (b.abt.1812), Josephte (b.abt.1812), Joseph (b.abt.1816), Madeleine (b.abt.1818), Louis (b.abt.1824), Louise (b.abt.1826), Marguerite (b.abt.1831) & Charles (b.1833).

Antoine Houle is a boatman hired to go to the "Sioux Fort" in 1734.

Charles Houle is hired in July of 1754 by Francois Hamelin for Lac Rouge (pays d'en Hault) with Jacque David, Paul l'Arche, Jean Bte.La Fargue, Benj.Hamelin dit Paquot, Francois Le Fleche & Francois Truchon dit Le Veille.

Jean Bte.Houle is hired by Rigaud in 1759 for Michilimackinac.

Louis Houle is at Grand Portage for Maurice Blondeau in 1772.

Jean Bte. Houle is hired by Todd, McGill & Co. in July of 1796.

Francois Houle of Sault St. Louis is hired by Northwest Co. in Oct. 1802 for Rainy Lake.