René Godefroy, Sieur de Linctôt: (1675 - 1748)
     He was the son of Michel Godefroy, sieur de l'Inctôt & Perrine Picotte de Belestre (daughter of  Francois Picotte de Belestre & Perrine Lambert). Rene married Marie-Madeleine Lemoyne (daughter of Jean Lemoyne & Madeleine de Chanvigny - Marie was the widow of Jean Bte.Beauvais m.1697) at Montreal in 1709 and married Marie-Catherine d'Ailleboust (daughter of Louis d'Ailleboust & Félicité Picard) at Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue in 1728.
     In 1718 he arrived at Lapointe from Montreal with Sieur de St.Pierre; 1720-26 he was commander of Lapointe; 1731-36 he was commander of the Tempeauleau Fort in today's Wisconsin; 1736-37 he was commander at Fort Beauharnois (N.E. Lake Pepin) trading with the Dakota (Sioux).

[The following agreements were signed in Montreal]
1731 5 july - René Godefroy, sieur de Linctot, and sieur Exupert Linctot Picotté, his son, on behalf of Paul Joseph de d'Ailleboust, sieur de Coulonge, acknowledges owing Francois Monfort and Company, the sum of 3256 livres, 18 sols, 2 deniers, for goods delivered for the trade with the savages (Sioux).
1731 5 july - René Godefroy, sieur de Linctot, and  Marie Catherine d'Ailleboust, his wife, acknowledges owing to François Monfort and company, the sum of 1201 livres, 2 sols, 7 deniers, for the fine goods sold as equipment in a journey that he is preparing to take to the Scioux. [Paul Joseph d'Ailleboust was Marie Catherine's brother]
(Translated from; 1731 5 juillet - Rene Godefroy, sieur de Linctot, et De Marie Catherine D'Ailleboust, son épouse, reconnaissent devoir à Francois Monfort et comp, la somme de 1201 livres, 2 sols, 7 deniers, pour bonnes marchandises vendues pour son équipement de voyage qu'il est prêt de faire aux Scioux.)

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