Claude-Charles du Tisne:
He was the son of Charles-Claude Dutisne & Catherine Duclos de Cusor. Claude was first married to Marie-Anne Gauthier (m.1708) and secondly to Louise-Marguerite Margane de Valtrie (m.1713). Claude's son Louis died during Pierre d'Artaguette"s attack on the "Chickasaws" in 1736. Claude in 1714 traveled by land from Canada to Mobile with a group of Canadians and by 1716 was temporarily commander at Natchitioches while Deny's was away. In 1718-19 he was sent on a exploratory mission of trade up the Missouri River & established Fort d'Orleans in Carroll Co., Missouri. By 1723  he was at Ft.Rosalie (Natchez) and in 1725 Commander of Fort de Chartres. In 1730 he was wounded in the cheek by a Fox warrior and died later from this injury.