Marc Antoine Desjardin, sieur de Rupallay (Ruypalais/Ruipalay): (1670-1701)
In 1694 in Quebec Marc married Marie-Anne-Genevieve Lemire (1664-1750), she was the daughter of Jean Lemire & Louise Marsolet [she was also married to Laurent Lavigne-Tessier dit Duchateau (m.1681) & Jean-Pierre d'Aujoillet (m.1689)]. Marc & Anne's children were: Paul (b.1696), Charles, Henri-Charles (b.1698) & Louis-Antoine (1700-buried in 1723).
In late May of 1723 Anne Lemire (widow) hired Francois Lemire,  Louis Vaillant & Jacques Chaput (with the assistance of Estienne de Villedonne) for a voyage to  Michilimackinac.

Paul Desjardin de Rupalay:
Paul was born at Monteal in 1696 to Marc-Antoine & M.Anne. In May of 1722 he hired men to journey to "les Pays d'En haut" for Villedonne.

Louis Desjardin de Rupalay:
Louis was born in 1700 to Marc-Antoine & M.Anne Desjardin de Rupallay. In August of 1722 Louis hired Joseph Beaujean for a journey to "les pays d'en haut". Louis was buried in 1723 and at the time of his death he was probably in the "pays d'en haut" where Boisbriant (commander of Chartres) sent a force against the Fox. Whether his cause of death was due to problems with the Fox & whether his mother's hiring of men for Michilimackinac was to retreive her son's body are questions for further investigation.