Henri-Louis Deschamps, sieur de Boishebert: (b.1679)
Henri-Louis was the son of Jean Bte.Francois Deschamps & Catherine-Gertude Macard. He married Loise Geneveive Ramesay (de Ramesais) and their children were; Claude-Louis (bapt.1722) & Charles (1727-1797). Henri assumed command of Detroit in the summer of 1730. In Nov. of 1732 he sent warriors against the Renards (Fox tribe) and was at Detroit when small pox spread west (1732-33). In 1733 he reported to Beauharnois that he had sent the "Saulteurs, Missiagues, Outaouais & Poutouatamis against the Chicachas".

Charles Deschamps, sieur de Raffetot & de Boishebert: (1727-1797)
Charles was the son of Henri-Louis & Louise-Geneveive, born in Quebec and died in Normandy, France. In 1755 he sent Lt.Francois Boucher de Niverville Grandpre to prevent the flow of English goods from Fort Beausejour to Green Bay. By the summer of 1759 he was assisting in the defense of Quebec and sailed to France when New France fell to the English.