George Groghan: (abt.1720 - 1782)
     He was born in Dublin (educated at Dublin), Ireland and had daughters; Catherine (1759-1837) (m. Joseph Thayendanegea Brant at Canajoharie, New York in 1784) & Susannah (b.1750, near, Carlisle, Cumberland, Pennsylvania) (m. Augustus Prevost in 1765 at Lancaster, Penn). He was a half-brother of Edward Ward Sr. and a relative of William Powell.
     George came to America about 1741 (Lancaster Co., Penn.) and established his residence at Pennsboro, in Cumberland county (nearly opposite Harris’ Ferry, on the shores of Lake Erie), as early as 1746. From 1749 to 1754 he was a partner in the trade with William Trent, who was his bro-in-law.
     On 22d day of February 1750, George Croghan and Andrew Montour at an Indian Treaty in behalf of the Government of Pensylvania held at the Tawightwis Town on the Big Mineamis creek being a branch of the River Ohio (he was also that year at Lower Shawnee Town, near the mouth of the Scioto). In 1751, George Croghan was appointed to go to Logstown, (instructions for his mission were dated April 25th, 1751) he kept a journal, which he afterwards submitted to the Governor, dated at his home, in Pennsylvania, June 10th, 1751. Croghan took with him Andrew Montour, the interpreter, and reached Logstown May 18th, 1751, a number of tribes attended a large council held there. Croghan states that on the 20th of May, Joncaire, the French agent, came from the head of the Ohio (Allegheny) with forty Indian warriors of the Six Nations and one Frenchman. In 1753 (june) his traders were captured by 70 French/Indians, 50 miles below Lower Shawnee Town on the Kentucky River and were taken to Montreal.  In 1754, Croghan had a trading post near Wills Creek (present day Cumberland, Maryland) and in December of 1754 he was at Fort Necessity with George Washington and the Girty's.  He was a captain in General Braddock’s failed expedition and present at the battle of July 9th, 1755, remaining with the general until his death.  From 1756 to 1772 he is Deputy Indian Agent (from 1758 to 1777 his headquarters were at Fort Pitt) of Penn. & the Ohio Valley (later Illinois Country Agent) with assistants Edward Ward & Thomas McKee (father of Alexander) under Mj.John Campbell (Deputy Superintendent), administered from Montreal. Another conference commenced on July 4, 1759, and continued at intervals until the 16th, between George Croghan (deputy agent to Sir William Johnson), Col. Mercer and a number of other officers of the garrison, and chiefs and warriors of the Six Nations, Delawares, Shawanese and Wyandots. In September of 1761, Amherst sent Croghan and Johnson to a grand council with the Indians at Detroit. By March of 1765, Col. George Croghan (with Lt. Alexander Fraser) had arrived at Fort Pitt (Pittsburgh) and the British sent Croghan west from the Fort  with a Shawnee escort to accept the surrender from the French of Fort de Chartres. In May/June of 1765 near the mouth of the Wabash River, his party was attacked by eighty Kickapoo and Mascouten warriors. Groghan was captured and three Shawnee chiefs in his escort were killed. The Miami, Wea, and Piankashaw were furious because it happened in midst of their peace negotiations with the British and the Shawnee planned to attack the Kickapoo and Mascouten to avenge the deaths of their chiefs. Rather than risk war with the Shawnee, the Kickapoo turned Croghan over to Miami and asked them to ask the British to "cover the dead" with the Shawnee. While he was with them, the Miami arranged a meeting with Pontiac at Fort Ouiatenon. Pontiac agreed to "bury the hatchet"  and accompanied Croghan to Detroit in October to sign a peace (that same month, St. Ange surrendered Fort de Chartres to Captain Thomas Stirling). Croghan reached Illinois Country and at later meetings at Fort de Chartres (10 Sept. 1766) and Detroit, convinced the Wabash tribes (including the  Mascouten and Kickapoo), to allow the British to occupy the old French forts and trading posts in the Wabash Valley. In October of 1770 Col.Croghan was a few miles above Logstown with Maj.George Washington & Lt.Hamilton.