Etienne Venyard, sieur de Bourgmont: (abt.1680 - abt.1730)
As an Ensign Etienne left Quebec on 29 Sept.1705 arriving at Detroit on 29 Jan.1706, taking the command of the Fort from Tonty. Later Etienne deserted his post at Detroit with other deserters and according to Sieur d'Aigremont lived "in the woods like as savage", with a woman named La Chenette (Tichenet). Cadillac sent soldiers after the deserters, but Bourgmont escaped, going farther west. By August of 1723 de Boisbriant was writting Bienville of sending Etienne to the Upper Missouri with 20 soldiers which Etienne accomplished, establishing Fort Orleans on the Missouri. In Jan. of 1724 Etienne wrote to the Council of Louisiana that he was waiting for the opening of navigation to go to the Padoucahs(Comanches) and was surprised that the Otoes & Iowas had made an alliance with "our enemies" the Sioux & Fox. In June of 1724 Etienne was visiting with the Kansas & Comanches with his two detachments of men including; Ensign St.Ange, Sgt.Dubois, Cpl.Rotisseur, Cpl.Gentil, Lajeunesse, J.Bonneau, St.Lazare, Ferret, Derbet, Avignon, Sanschagrin, Poupard, Gaspard, Challons, Brassieur, Henri de Chateauneuf, de la Chenaie & Jeanty (along were 5 Canadians; Mercier, Quesnal de Pichard, Rivet, Rolet & Lespine). On 3 July 1724 Bourgmont was being accompied by sieur Larenaudiere, de Bellerive, d'Estinne, Roulot, Derbet, Hamelin, Gaillard 100 Missouri (and 9 Chiefs) & 64 Osage (and 4 Chiefs).