Historical Book Recommendations

 The Middle Ground : Indians, Empires, and Republics in the Great Lakes Region, 1650-1815
(Cambridge Studies in North American Indian History)
      by Richard White (Paperback - October 1991)
                    ISBN: 0521424607
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The Indian Tribes of the Upper Mississippi Valley and Region of the Great Lakes : As Described by Nicolas Perrot, French Commandant in the Northwest;
     by Emma Helen Blair(Editor), Richard White (Introduction). Paperback (June 1996)
                    ISBN: 0803260997
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Jacques Legardeur De Saint-Pierre : Officer, Gentleman, Entrepreneur
      by Joseph L. Peyser (Editor)
                    ISBN: 0870134183
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Kinsmen of Another Kind: Dakota-White Relations in the Upper Mississippi Valley, 1650-1862
     by Gary Clayton Anderson
                    ISBN: 0873513533
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Montcalm and Wolfe : The French and Indian War
      by Francis Parkman, C. Vann Woodward. Paperback (April 1995)
                     ISBN: 0306806215
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History of the Ojibway People
     by William W. Warren, W. Roger Buffalohead (Introduction). Paperback (October 1984)
                    ISBN: 087351162X
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Colonial Ste. Genevieve : An Adventure on the Mississippi Frontier
     by Carl J. Ekberg. Paperback (March 1996)
                    ISBN: 188039714
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The Expeditions of Zebulon Montgomery Pike
     by Zebulon Montgomery Pike, Elliott Coues (Contributor). Paperback (June1987)
                    ISBN: 048625254X
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La Pointe: Village Outpost on Madeline Island
     by Hamilton Nelson Ross. Hardcover (August 2000)
                    ISBN: 0870203207
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The Dakota or Sioux in Minnesota As They Were in 1834
     by Samuel W. Pond, Gary Clayton Anderson (Introduction)
                    ISBN: 087351193X
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