Jacques Charles de Sabrevois, sieur de Bleury, chevalier de Saint Louis: (abt.1667 - abt.1727)
     Jacques was the son of Henri de Sabrevois de Sermonville & Gabrielle Martin. He married Jeanne Boucher (daughter of Pierre Boucher) in 1695 at Boucherville and had six children together, including: Marie-Joseph (b.1696), Charles (b.1699), Christophe (b.1701) & Clement (b.1702) (m. Marie-Charlotte Guichard in 1728).
     He came to Canada (1685) as a lieutenant in de Muy's Company, was promoted to Captain in 1702 and awarded the Chevalier (Knight) de St.Louis in 1718. By March of 1715 he was hiring voyageurs to go to Detroit and from 1714 to 1718 he was commander at Detroit [DOCKET][DOCKET] (replacing  La Forest).  He was promoted to major in 1727 and died in Montreal.