Jean Baptiste Bissot, sieur de Vincennes: (1668-1719)
Jean was the son of Francois Bissot and Marie Couillard (nephew of Louis Jolliet d'Anticosti). He married Marie Marguerite Forestier at Montreal in 1696. Their son was Francois Marie Bissot de Vincennes. Jean commanded the Miami Post (1696-97) and in 1704 he was on a mission to the Miami. He died among the Miami in 1719. Jean & Marie's other children were Marie-Louise (b.1697)(m. Nicolas Boisseau), Claire-Charlotte (b.1698) & Marie-Catherine (b.1704). Jean's sisters (Genevieve) was married to Nicolas Daneau, (Claire-Francoise) to Louis Jolliet (in 1675) & (Louise) to Seraphin Margane de Lavaltrie (in 1668).

Francois Marie Bissot de Vincennes:
Francois was the son of Jean & M.Marguerite. He married Marie Longpre in today's Indiana in 1733. In 1720 he was sent to today's Vincennes establishing at post there known as the "post du Ouabache". In 1732 he was French commander at Vincennes. He was killed by chakasaw in 1736.