Antoine Jean Bte. Barrois dit Lootman (Lotman/Lottman):
     Antoine married Anne Leber, the daughter of Francois Leber & Marguerite Leseur at Montreal in 1672. Their sons, Philippe, Francois & Jean Bte., moved to Detroit, Cahokia & Kaskaskia.

Francois Barrois dit Lottman: (b.1675)
     Francois married, Marie-Anne Sauvage (daughter of Jacques Sauvage & Marie-Catherine Jean dit Vien) at Montreal in 1717 & by 1726 had moved to Detroit. Their children were Marie (b.1719)(m.Robert Navarre in 1734), Louise (b.1722)(m.Pierre Le Batle Chesnay in 1736), Marie-Anne (1726-1809)(m.Jean Bte.Cullerier dit Beaubien in 1741), Catherine (1727-1790)(m.Pierre-Laurent St.Cosme), Francois (b.1733)(m.Catherine Cecire in 1758) & Agathe (b.1735)(m.Jean Bte.Reaume in 1763).

Jean Baptiste Barrois (Bertlor) dit Lootman: (1691-1757)
     Jean married Marie-Madeleine Cardinal in 1717 and their children were; Therese (m.Francois Lefevre du Chouquet), Catherine (m.Joseph Duguay Duplassy), Benaventure (b.1724)(1760 captured by the English), Madeleine (m.1st.Louis Marin & 2nd. de Portneuf), Celeste (m.Michel Lamis in 1757), Joseph (b.1722), Louis (b.1732), Francois & Jacques (m.Suzanne Baron in 1747).
     Jean & family had moved from Detroit to Kaskaskia sometime between 1722 & 1732 and from 1737 to 1757 Jean was the French Royal Notary for the Illinois District at Kaskaskia.