James Kipp: (1788 - aft.1865)
     He was born in Montreal and was married to Medicine-Bird & Four-Bears (Earth-Woman), both of the Mandan tribe. He was also reported to have married the daughter of Alexander Culbertson (who was the son of Joseph Culbertson & Mary Finley) & Natawischicksina (Blackfeet).
     James entered the fur-trade early in his life and in about 1818 arrived on the Upper Missouri River, employed by the Columbia Fur Co., at Fort Mandan. In 1822 he built a post among the Mandans and in 1825 establish a post for the Columbia Fur Co. at the mouth of the White Earth River, for the Assiniboine trade. He continued his career of constructing  fur post for the American Fur Co., with Fort Floyd in 1828 (the fore-runner of Ft.Union), Fort Clark in the spring of 1831 and Fort Piegan in the winter of 1831/32.
     In 1850 James was detained at Fort Pierre due to the illness of one of his nephews, Joseph Desautel (trader at Ft.Clark) who died from the illness at Ft.Pierre on 15 Nov.1850 [another nephew on the Missouri was Jacques Bruguiere). In 1865 James retired from the fur-trade and settled on his Missouri farm near Independence, Mo.