KINZIE/ McKinzie/MCKENZIE/Kenzie/MacKenzie

John Kinzie: (Shawneeawkee or The Silver Man) Birth: Dec 1763 Quebec Death: 6 Jan 1828 Chicago, IL.

[John's father was John McKinzie/MCKENZIE/Kenzie/MacKenzie (died about 1763) who was a surgeon in the British Army. His father married Emily/Anne Tyne (1761), who was the widow of a British army chaplain (Mj. William Halliburton/Haliburton) who died about 1760. After John's father died she married William Forsyth (1737-1804) who was a member of a prominent trading family. As a youth (10 yrs.), John Kinzie Jr. left his family in New York and indentured himself as apprentice with Quebec silversmith George Farnham. In 1777, he moved to Detroit and worked for trader William Burnett, probably at a trading post in the Potawatomi village of Chief Topenebe. Kinzie was long associated with this wealthy merchant, their fur trading ties lasted unil 1801. The Forsyth family moved to Detroit by 1779 and were enumerated in that year's census. As a trader and silversmith, Kinzie did business at the Miamis Town (Fort Wayne, IN) in 1789. In 1804, John Kinzie and his family moved to Chicago where he had purchased a trading post north of the Chicago River, which was established by Jean Bte.DuSable. On August 15, 1812, an attack by Pottawatomie Indians left about forty dead, in what is known as the "Fort Dearborn Massacre". Kinzie had been with the soldiers but escaped unharmed.]

MARRIAGE 1: Margaret (Peggy) MacKenzie b: 1768 Vir. d: 3 JUL 1859 Princeton, Mercer Co, West Virginia Married: ABT 1790 Detroit

[Margaret was the daughter of Moredock Otis McKensey/MacKenzie/McKinzie (b: 1738 Glasgow, Scot. and Jemima Chapman (b: 1744); she was captured in a Indian raid and adopted by Chief Koothumpum of the Delaware Tribe. Her father, eventually found her in 1796 near Detroit and she returned to the New River settlement with him and she later married Benjamin Hall in 1799 in Virginia]

Marriage 2: Eleanor Little/Lytle b.abt.1770 Married: 1798/1800 Detroit

[Eleanor was the daughter of John Little/Lytle (1747-1817) & Mother: Elizabeth; she may have been captive of the Seneca's in 1778 and adopted by Chief Cornplantera. She first married Col./Capt. Daniel/David McKillop/M‘Killup/McKillip who was killed in the Battle of Fallen Timber who was a British officer attached to Fort Miami. A daughter (Margaret McKillop married Lt. Linai T. Helm in 1808 at Detroit and later married Lucius Abbott at Chicago in 1836]


William Kinzie b: 1789/91 Ohio Death: 1869 Nebraska

Married Rebecka Morton/Martin b: 12 Jun 1794 Pennsylvania Married: 3 Sep 1811 Ohio

Elizabeth Kinzie b: 1792/95 Ohio Death: 1832

Married Samuel Miller Married: 25 AUG 1825

James Kinzie b: 21 APR 1793 Death: 1866 Racine, Wisconsin

Married 1st Leah SEE (McIntire) b: 15 NOV 1815 Logan, KY Married: 15 JUN 1837 Racine, Milwaukee, WI

Father: William SEE b: APR 1787 Charleston, Kanawha, WV Mother: Minerva MOSS b: 31 OCT 1793 VA

Married 2nd Virginia Hale

Father: Isaiah Hale b: ABT. 1788 in Giles County, Virginia Mother: Margaret Sarah Lucas b: ABT. 1793

John Harris KINZIE b: 7 JUL 1803 Sandwich, Ontario d.21 June 1865 on the Pittsburg & Ft .Wayne RxR

Married Juliette Augusta Magill b.11 September 1806 Middletown, Ct. D.1870 Married August 1830

Father: Arthur W. Magill/McGill Mother: Miss Wolcott

[Juliette’s young uncle Alexander Wolcott was responsible for introducing them. Wolcott, a medical doctor by training, had made his way west and become the US government’s Indian agent at Chicago in 1810, marrying John H. Kinze’s younger sister in 1823.]

Ellen/Eleanor Marion KINZIE b: 1804/05 Chicago, Ill. Death: 1860

Married 1st George C. BATES

Married 2nd Dr. Alexander WOLCOTT b.1790 Conn.Death: 1830 Chicago, Ill. Married: 20 JUL 1823

Maria Indiana KINZIE b: 1807 Chicago, Illinois Death: 13 DEC 1875

Married Gen. David Hunter b. 21 July 1802 Washington, D.C. d. February 1886 Washington, D.C.

[became a Captain in the First Dragoons in 1833. He was assigned to frontier duty and twice crossed the plains to the Rocky Mountains. He resigned his commission in 1836. He reentered the military service, as a paymaster with the rank of Major in March 1842. He was appointed Colonel of the 6th United States Cavalry and three days later was commissioned Brigadier General of volunteers. He commanded the main column of McDowell's army in the Manassas Campaign and was severely wounded at Bull Run in 21 July 1861. He was made a Major General of volunteers, 13 August 1861, served under General Fremont and on November 2nd succeeded him in the command of the western department.]

Robert Allen Kinzie (Major) b: 8 FEB 1810

Married Gwenthlean Whistler b:1818 Green Bay, WI d:1894 Ft. Omaha, Neb. Married: 1834 Chicago, ILL

Father: Dr. William WHISTLER b:1780 Hagerston, Washington Co, Md Mother: Mary Julia FEARSON b: 1787 Salem, MA