LViewPro for Win95/98

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    LView Pro v1.D2/32-Bit for Windows 95/98

    Major characteristics:

    LView Pro is an image file editor for Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows XP,Windows 2000, and Windows NT 3.51 with NewShell. It loads/saves image files in: JPEG JFIF, GIF 87a/89a, TIFF, Truevision Targa, Windows and OS/2 BMP, ZSoft's PCX, and PBMPLUS' PBM, PGM and PPM formats.

    Hardware requirements

    The fully functional SHAREWARE version of the software requires a 386 or better CPU to run. A true color SVGA card is also recomended, though the software will run with most display cards. A mouse or other pointing device is required for performing most editing functions.

    Software requirements

    LView Pro 1.C requires Microsoft Windows 95/98 or Windows NT 3.51 with the NewShell.

    Evaluation and Comparison of LView Pro:

    LView Pro is a powerful but easy-to-use image-file editor with handy toolbar icons and extensive options. You can save, undo, edit, cut and paste, crop, or add text to graphics. Files can be opened in a number of formats, such as GIF 89/a, GIF 89/b, JPG, BMP, TIF, and TGA. Objects can be viewed, flipped, rotated clockwise or counterclockwise, and lightened or darkened. File groups can be displayed as slideshows or inserted into a contact sheet The screen capture utility for capturing windows and images on the desktop enable the user to capture any information or picture in real time and customize them to their satisfaction. Also, when saving/loading GIF files in GIF 89/a format, the current background color of the image is saved as the transparent color. While saving the background color, the user may optionally mask out the pixels that don't match the current selection. LView Pro also includes a special macro-editing mode that can accomplish several image enhancements at once from a common menu. File groups can be displayed as slideshows or inserted into a single-file contact sheet. It provides extensive online help that can be very useful for new users. The contact sheet feature of this utility allows a user to automatically create a single image showing thumbnails of a group of images, with their filenames. Batch compression, batch printing and image merging are some other useful features of this utility. However, LView Pro is not without its weaknesses. For example, in comparison to VuePrint and Paint Shop Pro, LView is much slower at image decoding. It does not support many of the features offered by Paint Shop Pro which is also better for graphics editing from multiple sources as it can have multiple windows open and has a thumbnail viewer, LView Pro lacks. Also, LView Pro utility is limited to the Windows environment.

    LViewPro Download Page

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