John Askin (Erskine): (1739 - 1815 or apr.1818)
     He was the son of James Askin & Alice Rae born in Northern Ireland (Auchnacloyk, Ire.). John came to New York in 1758, becoming a sutler of the British Army stationed at Albany. About 1765 he moved to Michilimackinac and established a store, providing goods to the community & the British Army stationed there. Soon after arriving at Michilimackinac Askin established a post at Grand Portage and was instrimental the depot becoming a trading center. At Michilimackinac he created ties to Arent DePeyster (British commander), Commodore Alexander Grant, Isaac Todd, James McGill & Alexander Henry which allowed him to expand his fur trading ventures. In 1773 he married Marie Archange Barthe at Detroit alligned him with not only his father-in-law (Charles Andrew Barthe) but also became brother-in-law to Commodore Alexander Grant (Commander of the Provincial Marine on the Great Lakes). In 1778 Askin's owned two vessels which sailed between Grand Portage and Sault Ste. Marie named the "Mackinac" & the "De Peyster". He was importing supplies & provisions (corn, flour, rum, guns, powder, etc...) for the firm of Todd & McGill who inturn supplied Askin with trading goods. About 1780 he moved his operation to Detroit, probably in part due to Patrick Sinclair's (the new British commander) decision to move the British fort to Mackinac Is. The new firm established Hamilton & Cartwright to manage affairs at Fort Niagara, Todd & McGill managed matters in Montreal and Askin coordinated operations from Detroit. During this period the firm supplied goods for the British military, the British Indian Department and the fur trade in the west. This arrangement lasted until 1784, when the fur trade began suffering losses due to sarcity of furs and increased compitition. In 1784 this partnership dissolved and John formed a partnership with Detroit merchant William Robertson which lasted until 1789. By 1785 Todd & McGill and Askin were involved in the "General Company of Lake Superior and the South" and Askin was also in partnership with the "Miami Company" at Detroit but low profits in the fur trade continued. In the 1790's (until Detroit was turned over to the American military in 1796) John was involved in the Miami Company, land speculation, Great Lakes shipping, supplying provisions (to the North West Co. & the British garrison at Detroit) & public office. When Detroit became an American community Askin relocated east accross the river prefering to remain a British subject. The following are the children of John Askin, either by Archange or Manette:

Catherine Askin - Married 1st. to Samuel Robertson (Possibly a loyalist from Pennsyvania) whose brother, William, was Askin's clerk at Detroit in 1782. Her 2nd. marriage was to Robert Hamilton in 1785.

Magdalene/Madeleine Askin - Married Dr.Robert Richardson in 1793 and upon her death in 1811, Robert married Ann McGregor.

John Baptist Askin - Married to a Miss Van Allen. In 1807 he was appointed a clerk/storekeeper at the British fort on St.Joseph Is. He was at the capture of Michilimakinac on July 17, 1812; Arrived at Detroit after its surrender; Fought at the Battle of Frenchtown, January 13, 1813; Appointed clerk of the peace in 1819 and clerk of the district court in 1820; moved to London, Ontario around 1826; he was the first president of the Middlesex Agricultural Society in 1837; raised volunteers in the Rebellion of 1837, he destroyed the press and type of the St. Thomas Liberal, took part in action against Duncombe, and was promoted to Colonel on February 3, 1838;

Teresa Askin (1774 - 1832) - Married Thomas McKee who was Superintendent of the British Indian Depart. at Amherstburg, Ont. in 1801.

Archange Askin (1775 - 1866) - Married a Captain Meredith.

Alice Adelaide Askin (1783 - 1859) - Married Elijah Brush (1772-1814) at Detroit in 1802. Elijah was the son of Nathaniel Brush, born in Vermont. He was the Attorney General of the North West Territories and a British Colonel during the War of 1812.

Charles John Askin (1785 - 1869) - Served the British army in the War of 1812. The following is from his journal of the taking of Detroit: "...After the Americans had all marched out, the Grenadiers & Light Infantry of the 41st Regt, and the Volunteers in that Regt, that is Mr George Hamilton Wilkinson & myself And Jno Richardson; commanded by Mr. Bullock of the Gren dadiers, marched into the Fort, with Drum & fife, to the Tune of the British Grenadiers. I must say that I never felt so proud, as I did just then. As soon as we were in the Fort, the American Colours were taken down and ours hoisted...". He was married to Monica/Monique in 1822, the daughter of George Jacob & Marie Archange Chene-Labutte.

James Askin (1786 - 1862) - He was married to Francoise Godet dit Marentette.

Felicity Ellen/Elenor Askin (1788 - ?) - Married to a former British officer (Richard Pattinson) in 1808.

Alexander Askin (1791 - 1812)